It’s Bottomless, Honey!

Story by Steve Kaufman

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Brendan Evans’ journey from a child playing in the bush country of Zimbabwe to a U.S. citizen and successful businessman in Louisville is a familiar “great American dream” story.

For so many immigrants, the day of naturalization is the fulfillment of a wish. They’ve fallen in love with the freedom, the opportunities and the aspirations here. It’s bottomless.

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Zimbabwe to KY: Derby inspires man to pursue the American Dream

For one man, his first trip to the Kentucky Derby was enough to fall in love with the United States.

Almost 30 years later, he is a citizen and owns a business in the industry that brought him to Louisville in the first place.

Tents and events initially brought Brendan Evans to the United States.

“I started working for a worldwide company, and the first event they did in the United States was the Kentucky Derby,” Evans said.

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