“Whether I’m cooking for clients or motivating others to cook through my videos, my mission is to inspire more love-filled, home-cooked meals that bring people together.”

Alyssa, a personal chef, certified fitness trainer, & kid’s cooking instructor in NYC, is passionate about spreading the empowering feeling of living an active, healthy lifestyle! Her work has been featured with publications such as Shape Magazine and Refinery29. In the kitchen, she specializes in meal prep, creating light, fresh & healthy cuisine for her clients. Alyssa’s ultimate passion project is her own cooking show on YouTube! As she cooks and explores, she shows her audience how living a healthy life can be simple, fulfilling, and leave you feeling amazing! She is Nutritious Life certified through Keri Glassman’s The Nutritious Life Studio and is a self-taught, home cook. She adores working with little chefs, teaching them knife skills and about eating seasonally during kids cooking classes at Freshmade NYC.

In the gym, she works one on one with clients, specializing in strength training, helping people to move better and get stronger. Her enthusiasm and motivation is evident during her group fitness classes at CityRow, using the very effective indoor water rower for an endurance cardio workout. Alyssa spreads her energy and positivity with her bright personality everywhere she goes!

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